Do I need to change my passport to a blue one?

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You will not be able to choose whether you get a burgundy or a blue passport. All styles of passport will be equally valid for travel. All British passports issued from mid-2020 will be blue.

Do you have to change to blue passport?

Many have decided to renew in order to get the new blue passport, but this is not necessary. Your burgundy passport is still valid for travel until its listed expiry date.

Can I still use my UK red passport?

British nationals that were issued a red passport prior to Brexit must check that the validity of the passport does not exceed a maximum period of 10 years. Any additional months on top of the 10-year validity period will no longer be valid for travel to the EU.

Do I need to change my British passport?

Absolutely nothing. Your passport will still be valid to use provided it has not expired, and will still allow you to travel abroad, although this will be according to any new rules and regulations regarding countries in Europe.

Do I need a blue passport UK?

In addition to new rules governing European travel, the old, burgundy-colored British passport has now been replaced by a new, British blue passport. Anyone who has applied for a new UK passport since the middle of 2020, will now have the newer passport design.

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Can I still use burgundy passport?

If a passport is burgundy or has the words 'European Union' on the cover, it will be valid until the day it expires. The government has also warned Britons who hold passports with extra months added from the previous passports, that the extra months will not count.

What Colour are British passports now?

With the United Kingdom now having left the EU, it is no longer necessary to retain burgundy as a passport colour and government officials have delighted in bringing back the traditional colour blue passports.

Do we need to get a new passport after Brexit?

From 1 January 2021, you will need to check the validity of your passport for trips to the EU before you leave. The government have a page to help you do this. If you need to renew your passport, you can use Post Office Passport Check & Send or HM Passport Office (HMPO).

Do I have to change my UK passport after Brexit?

UK passport holders travelling to the EU need to ensure their passport has at least six months validity remaining and is less than 10 years old. This may mean individuals need to renew their passport or they will be unable to travel to most EU countries.

Can I travel on my old passport after getting married?

Your old passport will be cancelled. Your new passport is 'post-dated' - you cannot use it before the ceremony. Some countries will not issue visas for post-dated passports - check with the country's embassy or consulate. You must send a 'passports for newly weds and civil partners' form with your documents.

Is the red passport still legal?

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Passports are now only valid for 10 years exactly - additional months on anyone's red passports (passports issued before the UK left the EU ) are no longer valid. This could reduce the validity time by several months without people being aware.

When can I get a new blue UK passport?

This design was phased in over a number of months, and when introduced, the plan was that all passports issued should be blue by mid-2020. All passports are now issued with the blue design and they are made by Thales DIS (formerly Gemalto) in Poland.

When should I renew passport UK?

You must renew your passport before you can travel if either: your passport has expired. you do not have enough time left on it.
Renew online
  1. a digital photo.
  2. a credit or debit card.
  3. your passport.

Are all new passports blue?

The government website states: "All new passports will now be issued with the blue design." While burgundy passports are no longer being issued, they are still valid until they expire.

How long is a red passport good for?

Hays Travel issued the stark warning to Brit holidaymakers centres around alterations in expiration dates for red passports. The passports are now only valid for exactly 10 years, regardless of any additional months shown.

What does a blue passport mean?

The blue passport book, alternately referred to as the Regular or Tourist passport, is the most commonly issued U.S. passport. Diplomatic - Black diplomatic passports are issued to Foreign Service Officers and other persons with diplomatic or comparable status.

What colour is the EU passport?

The most common colour, the majority of the EU has a red passport, excluding Croatia, which is blue. Citizens of nations with a communist history like Slovenia, Serbia, Latvia, Romania, China, Russia, Poland, and Georgia have red passports.

Can UK citizens go through EU passport control?

UK and EU citizens may use the eGates at passport control. If you're a tourist with a UK passport or a passport issued by Gibraltar, Guernsey, the Isle of Man or Jersey, you will not need a visa for short trips to most EU countries, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Do I need a new passport to travel to Spain?

Your passport needs to have been issued less than 10 years from your entry date in Spain and be valid for at least 3 months after your departure date from Spain. Therefore make sure to check the date your passport was issued and also the expiry date of your passport. Both dates are indicated on your passport.

Why is my new passport different?

While our previous electronic passports are secure, the Next Generation Passport book uses new technologies to produce a more robust passport with enhanced security features, such as a polycarbonate data page, laser-engraved personalization, and updated artwork.

What do new UK passports look like?

Blue passports to return after Brexit.

The introduction of the new passport will see the UK revert to the traditional blue cover design. This was dropped back in 1988, when the country adopted burgundy, in line with most other EU member states.

Why did UK passports change colour?

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For many people they were a symbol of the UK taking back control of its own rules by going back to the traditional style of UK passport. Although they didn't have to, in 1998, the UK chose to change the passport colour to match the EU passports, following EU recommendations.

What colour are the new passports?

But a Home Office spokesman says the colours of both the old and new passports are shades of blue.

Is my passport out of date?

It's quite simple to check your passport's expiration date. The issue date and expiration date are both listed on the page which has your passport photo and name on them.

How long is it taking to renew a UK passport?

Processing times in the UK

Allow up to 10 weeks to receive your passport. There are different turnaround times if you're applying from another country.