Do you need a passport to go to Mexico?

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U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.

Can I travel within Mexico without a passport?

Traveling within Mexico or abroad

You must present an official ID to board your flight and go through airport security.

Can I use my birth certificate to go to Mexico?

Children under the age of 16 traveling to and from Mexico by land or by sea can use their birth certificates, certificates of citizenship, or naturalization certificates to re-enter the country.

Can you go to Cancun without a passport?


Visitors from the USA do not need a passport to enter Mexico. You may use: Birth Certificate or. Voter Registration Card or.

Can I go to Mexico with a real ID?

Q: Can I use my REAL ID card to cross the border into Canada and Mexico and for international travel? No. REAL ID cards cannot be used for border crossings into Canada, Mexico or other international travel.

Do You Need a Passport To Go to Mexico in 2022?

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Can a US citizen be denied entry into the US?

If you are a non-citizen visa holder or visitor, you may be denied entry into the United States if you refuse to answer officers' questions. Officers may not select you for questioning based on your religion, race, national origin, gender, ethnicity, or political beliefs.

Where can U.S. citizens travel without a passport?

Best Places to Travel Without a US Passport

Puerto Rico. US Virgin Islands. Northern Mariana Islands. American Samoa.

Can I travel to Cancun with my birth certificate?

In the past, U.S, citizens could enter with any official proof of citizenship document such as birth certificate or a green card, however this is no longer the case. Without a passport that is valid for at least 180 days after you arrival date, you will not be allowed into the country.

What documents do I need to travel to Mexico by Air 2022?

As of April 1, 2022, you will have to fill out an electronic precheck with personal and immigration information to enter Mexico. Learn more on how to do the precheck. After completing your precheck, the system will send you a QR code and the FFM form to your email.

What part of Mexico does not require a passport?

Puerto Penasco, on the coast of Sonora state, and Rosarito just across from San Diego, already are favorite weekend destinations for many U.S. travelers.

Can I cross the border with my ID?

When entering the United States, U.S. citizens are required to show passport, U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST) or an Enhanced Driver's License. Resident aliens must possess a green card.

Can I go to Tijuana with just my driver's license?

A US driver's license was sufficient documentation to cross the border. This changed when the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) was passed on June 1, 2009. U.S. citizens can only enter Mexico with a valid passport or passport card following this law change.

What documents do I need to travel to Mexico by plane?

To enter Mexico, you must have the following documents:
  • A valid passport or travel document. ...
  • A properly completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM). ...
  • Mexican immigration officers at the port of entry may request additional documents depending on the purpose/activity of your trip.

What happens if you go to Tijuana without a passport?

If you go there without a passport, the Mexican government can deny entry. However, if you lose your passport while in Tijuana, you can still reenter the United States. You would need to have an enhanced driver's license (EDL) or Trusted Traveler Card.

Can I go to Cabo without a passport?

FAQ. Do you need a passport for Cabo San Lucas? A As an American citizen, a passport is not required to visit Los Cabos. Citizens from other countries require a passport and "Tourist Card"; which you obtain from travel agencies, airlines, or at your point of entry into Mexico.

What do I need to fly to Cancun?

Travelers need the following documents:
  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of entry.
  2. FMM Mexico Tourist Card.
  3. Visa for Mexico (when applicable)
  4. Return flight ticket.
  5. Documentation proving the purpose of the visit (such as hotel reservation)
  6. Proof of sufficient funds.

How long does it take to get a passport card?

If you are also applying for a passport card and would like to receive your passport before the passport card, please provide two envelopes at the time you submit your application. Processing time is approximately three weeks. Please do not track your application on

Do you need a passport to cross the border?

Enhanced Driver's License / Enhanced Identification Card. Enhanced Driver's Licenses or Enhanced Identification Cards (known as EDLs) are documents that can be used instead of a passport for purposes of cross-border travel into the USA at land and water ports of entry.

Can a felon get a passport?

Most convicted felons and ex-felons can get a passport. However, even if you are issued a passport, it does not mean that you will be able to travel anywhere you wish. Many countries refuse to let convicted felons enter their borders, both for public safety and for political reasons.

Can I go to Cancun with just my ID?

The Cancun Airport website states that U.S. travelers can enter Cancun with alternate forms of ID, such as a birth certificate and a driver's license. However, to return to the U.S. from Mexico, you must have a passport.

How long did it take to get your U.S. passport?

What to Expect: Routine processing is 7 to 10 weeks and expedite processing (for an additional $60) is 4 to 6 weeks. Our processing times begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply for a passport at a local acceptance facility.

Can you travel in the US with birth certificate?

U.S. citizens under age 16 may present a birth certificate or alternative proof of citizenship when entering by land or sea. All travelers must have a passport book for international air travel.

Can I go to the Bahamas without a passport?

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas.

Can a U.S. citizen return to the US on an expired passport?

U.S. citizens will not be allowed to use their expired U.S. passport for direct return to the United States after June 30, 2022. Home | News & Events | U.S. citizens will not be allowed to use their expired U.S. passport for direct return to the United States after June 30, 2022.

What do US immigration officers see on their screen?

Various types of tax information such as any Delinquent Tax payments. Current Job. Complete history of all border crossings – including state ports where there are border checks. Frequent traveler memberships such as Global Entry or NEXUS.