Is Irish or UK passport better?

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Freedom to travel with an Irish passport
As of 2021, Irish passport holders could travel either visa-free or by obtaining a visa on arrival to 186 countries or territories. The Irish passport is ranked higher in terms of access than the US and UK passports, meaning that it is a highly sought-after travel document.

Is there an advantage to having an Irish passport?

Your Irish passport allows you to travel abroad and entitles you to certain diplomatic support services from Irish embassies if you get into difficulty abroad. While your Irish passport is an internationally recognised travel document, it does not give you an automatic right to enter other countries.

Is the British passport the best?

The British passport is the world's sixth most powerful with visa-free or visa on-arrival access to 187 countries. The UK passport was one place ahead of the US at 186 countries, while EU states dominated much of the top rankings, data from Henley & Partners' 2022 Henley Passport Index showed.

Can I hold both a UK and Irish passport?

Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries. You do not need to apply for dual citizenship. You can apply for foreign citizenship and keep your British citizenship.

Are you a UK national If you have an Irish passport?

Irish nationals have a special status in UK law which is separate to and pre-dates the rights they have as EU citizens. In short, the Republic of Ireland is not considered to be a 'foreign country' for the purpose of UK laws, and Irish citizens are not considered to be 'aliens'.

How and why I got an IRISH PASSPORT (after Brexit)

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What rights do Irish citizens have in UK?

Under the CTA, British and Irish citizens can move freely and reside in either jurisdiction and enjoy associated rights and privileges, including the right to work, study and vote in certain elections, as well as to access social welfare benefits and health services.

Can I live in EU with Irish passport?

At the moment, Irish citizens, as EU nationals, have the right to live, work, study, retire and travel throughout France without having to register with the French authorities. You can stay in another EU country for up to three months without having to register.

Which passport is the strongest in the world?

Japan has the world's most powerful passport - providing hassle-free entry to 193 countries. Just one country short, Singapore and South Korea are tied in second place, according to the latest Henley Passport Index from Henley & Partners, an immigration consultancy.

Can Irish citizens become British?

If you're an Irish citizen

You can still apply for British citizenship if you're eligible. Check if citizenship is right for you before you apply - it can cost more than £1,300.

What does an Irish passport entitle me to?

An Irish passport enables the bearer to travel internationally and serves as evidence of Irish nationality and citizenship of the European Union. It also facilitates the access to consular assistance from both Irish embassies and any embassy from other European Union member states while abroad.

What are the 10 most powerful passports?

The Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

The top 10 most powerful passports in 2022 are those issued by Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Denmark.

What is the most powerful passport in Europe?

Germany and Spain's passports have been considered Europe's most powerful ones, according to the Henley Passport Index.

How hard it is to get UK citizenship?

You can apply for UK citizenship by naturalization after five years of residence in the UK, as long as this includes at least 12 months of either indefinite leave or EU settled status. This can be sooner under certain circumstances, such as if you are married to a British citizen.

What are the best passports to have?

The best passports to hold in July 2022 are:
  • Japan (193 destinations)
  • Singapore, South Korea (192 destinations)
  • Germany, Spain (190 destinations)
  • Finland, Italy, Luxembourg (189 destinations)
  • Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden (188 destinations)
  • France, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom (187 destinations)

Can I lose my Irish citizenship?

If you obtained your citizenship by naturalisation, there are some circumstances in which it can be revoked (taken back from you) such as providing false or misleading information.

What are the benefits of a British passport?

Benefits include:
  • the right to live in the UK forever – your status will be permanently settled.
  • the right to hold a British passport.
  • full civic rights – this includes the right to vote in elections and the right to stand for public office.
  • free NHS medical care.
  • no restrictions on your right to work.

Can you lose citizenship UK?

What are the reasons for removing someone's citizenship? The home secretary can strip someone of their citizenship for a number of reasons - these would not be changed by the new law: It is "for the public good" and would not make them stateless. The person obtained citizenship through fraud.

What passport can travel the world?

Japan once again holds the most powerful passport, allowing visa-free access to 193 countries, according to the Henley Passport Index's third quarter 2022 report released Tuesday.

Where Can UK citizens travel freely?

  • Antigua and Barbuda Passport Visa Free Countries.
  • Canadian Passport Visa Free Countries.
  • US Passport Visa Free Countries.
  • Green Card Holders Visa Free Countries.
  • Belize Passport Visa Free Countries.
  • Cuba Passport Visa Free Countries.
  • Dominican Passport Visa Free Countries.
  • Jamaican Passport Visa Free Countries.

How does the queen travel without a passport?

The Queen doesn't have to use a passport to travel.

Every passport in the United Kingdom is issued with the Queen's name. As a consequence, the Queen doesn't need her own passport to travel. However, all other members of the royal family, including The Prince of Wales, hold their own passports.

Does UK accept Irish passport card?

Irish citizens can continue to use a passport card to travel to the UK . You must have the correct documents to show at the UK border if you're travelling to the UK .

How many countries can Irish passport enter without visa?

The Ireland passport ranking is 7; the number of visa free destinations accessible with a Ireland passport is 190. Please note, the list of visa-free countries is calculated to reflect the number of countries Ireland passport holders can enter without a visa, through a visa on arrival, and through the eTA.

Does Ireland allow triple citizenship?

Triple, or multiple citizenship, is theoretically allowed in Ireland. Because you don't need to give up previous nationalities to be an Irish citizen, holding other citizenships won't affect your chances of becoming an Irish citizen.

How long can Irish citizens stay in UK?

Pre-settled status means that you can live in the UK for a further 5 years. When you have had 5 years' continuous residence, you can then apply to change to settled status. You must do this before your pre-settled status expires.

Can Irish citizens use the NHS?

Under the CTA, Irish citizens and British citizens who live in, work in, or visit the other state have the right to access publicly funded health services there.