What countries can I use my passport card?

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The U.S. Passport Card can be used to enter the United States

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from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry and is more convenient and less expensive than a passport book. The passport card CANNOT be used for international travel by air.

Does passport card work for international travel?

A passport card can be used as ID for domestic flights. It cannot be used for international air travel. Fits in your wallet, same size as a driver's license or legal permanent resident card. The cost for first time applicants is $65 for adults and $50 for children under age 16.

Where is a passport card not accepted?

The passport card is the wallet-size travel document that can only be used to re-enter the United States at land border-crossings and sea ports-of-entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

What islands can you travel to with a passport card?

PRO: The Passport Card is an excellent way to legally visit the following by land or sea: Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten), Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, ...

How many countries I can travel with U.S. passport card?

According to Travelers United, the U.S. passport card is only accepted as an ID to visit 20 foreign nations. Those countries include Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and 17 islands in the Caribbean. If you're planning a trip to any other destination, then you would need a U.S. passport booklet.

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Can I use a passport card to fly to Mexico?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) accepts the passport card as ID for domestic flights. Use the passport card when entering the United States at land-border crossings and sea ports-of-entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. Do not use it for international air travel.

What passport is the strongest?

Japanese citizens now hold the most passport power, as they are able to enter 193 nations visa free, or with visa-on-arrival. South Korea and Singapore hold joint second place, with both countries' passports enabling their citizens to access 192 nations without restrictions.

What is passport card good for?

The U.S. Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry and is more convenient and less expensive than a passport book. The passport card CANNOT be used for international travel by air.

What Caribbean islands accept a passport card?

They're valid for U.S. domestic flights, and they're acceptable for travel by land or sea to the following locations: Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and these islands in the Caribbean: Anguilla. Antigua and Barbuda. Aruba.

Can I go to the Bahamas with a passport card?

Passport Requirements for the Bahamas

If you're traveling to the Bahamas by sea (as in a cruise), you can use a passport or substitute one of the following documents: a passport card. a Trusted Traveler card. an enhanced driver's license (sometimes called Real ID) with security features.

Can I use a passport card to go to Canada?

Entry into Canada: Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry proof of citizenship and identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens.

Can I use passport card instead of Real ID?

You cannot use the passport card to fly internationally. However, the TSA and airlines will accept a passport card as valid proof of identification for domestic flights in place of a Real ID.

Can I use a passport card to fly to Dominican Republic?

When you enter the Dominican Republic by air, you'll need a valid passport book because, as stated before, passport cards aren't accepted for air travel. You will also be required to fill out an e-ticket or paper form upon arrival and departure.

Can I use a passport card to fly to Jamaica?

For those traveling by sea, a passport card is acceptable for entry into Jamaica and return to the U.S. Passport cards are smaller and less expensive than full passports, and are accepted for travel by land or sea, but not air, within Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

Why is the US Passport Card not valid for air travel?

Because the passport card will be specifically designed to facilitate land and sea border crossings, it is not compatible with the global air environment, which is already set up for passport books.

What is the difference between a passport and passport card?

The passport card was designed for the specific needs of northern and southern U.S. border communities with residents that cross the border frequently by land. The passport book is the only document approved for international air travel.

Does Bermuda accept passport card?

If you are cruising to Bermuda, then you don't necessarily need a U.S. passport book, but can use any of the following documents instead: U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler card (Nexus, SENTRI, or FAST card), or an enhanced driver's license.

Where in the Caribbean can you go without a passport?

A Caribbean vacation isn't out of reach without a passport if you stick to the U.S. Virgin Islands: St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas.

Why would you need both a passport book and a passport card?

A passport book and a passport card serve the same purpose: proving your U.S. citizenship and identity. All American citizens are required to present a valid passport to exit and re-enter the United States. A passport is also required when entering, exiting, and traveling between foreign countries.

What is meant by passport card?

Introduced in 2008, the passport card is a relatively inexpensive personal identification card that can be used in place of a passport book or driver's license at land and sea entry points to the United States.

Do you need passport card book?

You do not need to have both a passport card and a passport book. You can choose which one suits your situation best. For example, your passport card will suffice if you are a frequent traveler across Canada and Mexico. But, if you are planning to travel to other international countries, you can get your passport book.

Can you have 3 passports?

Is it illegal to have three passports? If your nation does not allow dual citizenship or more then yes it is illegal, unless you renounce that citizenship of course. If your nation allows dual citizenship or more then it is fully allowed and legal to have three passports.

Can US citizens have 2 passports?

A person with dual citizenship is a citizen of two countries at the same time, which has both advantages and disadvantages because it is a complex legal status. One benefit of dual citizenship that is often cited is the ability of an individual to possess two passports.

Can you go to Cancun without a passport?


Visitors from the USA do not need a passport to enter Mexico. You may use: Birth Certificate or. Voter Registration Card or.