What is civil police in India?

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State police forces generally have two arms: civil and armed police. The civil police is responsible for day-to-day law and order and crime control. Armed police is kept in reserve, till additional support is required in situations like riots.

What are the duties of civil police?

They are briefly stated as follows :
  • Serving and protecting the citizens;
  • Engaging the citizens and gaining their cooperation.
  • Policing of beat ;
  • Patrolling.
  • Collecting intelligence to support police work ;
  • Traffic duties ;
  • ...

What do you mean by civil police?

Civil-police relations describes the relationship between civilians as a whole and the police force employed by the government. The police are law enforcements officers tasked with maintaining peace in the society.

What are the types of police in India?

  • 2.1 Uniforms.
  • 2.2 Organisation.
  • 2.3 Government Railway Police.
  • 2.4 Police Commissionerates.
  • 2.5 Traffic police.
  • 2.6 State Armed Police Forces.

How many types of police services are there in India?

Under the new policy, the existing 26 cadres have been divided into five zones in the new policy by the Department of Personnel and Training of Government of India.

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Which is the lowest post in police?

The police constable has the lowest rank among the police forces in India, followed by the senior constable. To maintain normal law and order, each state government recruits police constables.

Can IAS give order to IPS?

Can IAS give orders to IPS? The short answer would be Yes. If one is not in a commissionerate system where the IPS has sole responsibility for law and order, the responsibility of law and order is shared by DM and SP both.

Which is biggest post in police?

In India, the Director General of Police (DGP) is the highest ranking police officer in an Indian State or Union Territory. DGP typically heads the state or UT police force, who in case, are also called State Police Chief.

Who is more powerful IAS or IPS?

Power and Responsibilities

In their respective fields, Both IAS & IPS are very decisive positions but IAS is much more powerful in comparison to IPS. IAS officers deal with the responsibility of all departments existing in their district whereas IPS officers deal with their departments.

Are police civil?

In this way, civil servants are defined much more narrowly than public sector workers: police, teachers, NHS staff, members of the armed forces and local government officers are not counted as civil servants.

What is the salary of civil Police Officer in Kerala?

Civil Police Officer salary in Kerala Police ranges between ₹ 3.8 Lakhs to ₹ 4.8 Lakhs.

Is CPO and constable the same?

The Sorabjee committee suggested that the rank of constable be replaced with that of 'Civil Police Officer' (CPO). The proposed change in nomenclature was part of a larger scheme spelt out by it for instilling a greater degree of professionalism in the rank and file.

What is the salary of civil constable in Karnataka?

34000 to Rs. 35000/- per month depending on the allowances and the job location. The approximate Salary of a Constable is given below.

What is the Fullform of police?

The full form of POLICE is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies. They are uniformed individuals who are responsible for keeping law and order intact. They are a group of personnel who are there to enforce laws, to prevent any kind of civil disorder, save lives and punish criminals.

What is called 3 star police?


Which state police is best in India?

Detailed Solution
  • Andhra Pradesh secured the first rank among police forces of the country in a survey conducted by the Indian Police Foundation (IPF).
  • The survey, conducted in 28 states and Union Territories of the country assessed the force on competence, values, and public trust.

Which Indian city has best police?

Delhi's Sadar Bazar police station was announced as the best police station across the country this year by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Who is best police in India?

In 2020, Nongpok Sekmai PS in Thoubal district of Manipur was adjudged as the best police station in the country, followed by the all-women police station Suramangalam in Salem City, Tamil Nadu; and Kharsang in Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh.

Which state police has more power in India?

The top five states with the highest score on overall policing – IPF Smart Policing Index 2021 – are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Kerala and Sikkim. From bottom upwards are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Punjab.

Can IAS shoot?

They cannot carry guns on official business, neither are they provided gun training during their tenure. Hence, IAS Officers can keep their personal guns but not use them on duty, neither do they need to do so under any circumstances.

Who is more powerful IAS or judge?

Power. Judges have Judicial powers and IAS have executive powers. But a Judge may summon an executive officer such as IAS/IPS in the court, punish him, order him to do/not to do certain things. Reverse is not possible as IAS/IPS can't exercise any power on Judges.

Who is bigger IAS or collector?

The District Collector is the highest Officer of Revenue administration in the district. A district magistrate, often abbreviated to DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is the senior-most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in India.