What is the dark story behind Cocomelon?

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The Watts family murders that 'Cocomelon' is alluding to are definitely not kid-friendly. In 2018, one father did the unspeakable and murdered his wife and two children, which are considered the Watts family murders. His wife, Shannan, was pregnant with their unborn son, who was to be named Nico.

What is the backstory of CoComelon?

CoComelon was created in 2005 by Jay Jeon, a father of two in Southern California. Jeon, who had directed some TV commercials, was trying to teach his kids the ABCs. He started working with his wife, a children's-book author, to make videos to accompany the nursery rhymes they sang to their sons.

Why is CoComelon creepy?

With packages of nursery rhymes and original songs that can range from 30 minutes to a over an hour, CoComelon is designed to be played for long stretches of time, and thus act as the perfect torture device.

What did CoComelon do wrong?

Parents have hit social media claiming their toddlers are talking more since they switched off the show.

Is CoComelon inappropriate?

Letting your neurodivergent child watch TV shows on occasion can actually be beneficial, allowing them to find common ground with peers and parents and learn through auditory and visual teaching. Some experts think that viewing Cocomelon is absolutely fine for young children.

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Why is my kid addicted to CoComelon?

Cocomelon is so hyper-stimulating that it acts as a drug, a stimulant,” Sannes posted on social media. “The brain receives a hit of dopamine from screen time, and the more they watch the show, the more the brain begins to expect this intense level of stimulation.”

Is CoComelon based on a true story?

'Cocomelon' is more based on the creator's family than on the Watts family. The central characters of Cocomelon are a family, and since Cocomelon began in 2006, it definitely was not based on the Watts family, which became infamous in 2018.

Can CoComelon cause autism?

Despite recent claims on TikTok—and (seemingly widespread) disapproval—there's no definitive proof showing that CoComelon causes behavioral and/or developmental issues.

How old is JJ in CoComelon?

The relative age of J.J. can be 2-4 years old. The playground J.J. studies in is called Melon Patch Academy, as seen in the video The First Day of School.

Does CoComelon cause overstimulation?

While she doesn't claim to be a children's media expert, she does use her professional experience to rate kids' TV shows and notify parents of the potential social and emotional effects they may have on kids. Cocomelon is highly overstimulating and likely to result in behavioral and attention disorders.

What was Cocomelon old name?

On September 1, 2006, Cocomelon was created on YouTube to provide free education and entertainment for the founder of Cocomelon, Jay Jeon, his wife, and his children. Then known as "checkgate", the channel uploaded two versions of the alphabet song to YouTube on their first day.

Who is Jay Jeon?

Jay Jeon was born in 1959 in Seoul, South Korea. He has a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Sung Kyun Kwan University. Jay was one of the founder members of East-West Film Group as a part of Goethe Institute in early 80's. Their main projects included progressive films on society movement.

Who is the voice of JJ in Cocomelon?

Ava Madison Gray: JJ, Bella. Hannah An: Yoyo, Tomtom, as well as the collective School Children. Alice Cho: Cece, Nina. Kristen Princiotta: Mom, Mimi the Mouse.

Who killed Cocomelon?

After a roughly 45 minute drive, Watts arrived at the location where he would bury his wife. Lambert told Dr. Phil that Bella Watts then watched from the truck, as Watts disposed of Shanann's body, and murdered CeCe. "He walks over, takes CeCe's favorite blanket, and smothers her.

How old is the dad from Cocomelon?

Daddy is likely a similar age to Mommy; late 20's to mid 30's.

What is the mom's name in CoComelon?

Voice of the CoComelon Mom (@kristenprinciotta) • Instagram photos and videos.

Where does the CoComelon family live?

Jay Jeon, the creator of Cocomelon is married to an illustrator of children's books. The couple is very private and uses a team of 20 to help produce and create content for the show. They live in San Diego, California, with their children.

Can watching too much TV as a baby cause autism?

Screen Time for Babies Linked to Higher Risk of Autism-Like Symptoms Later in Childhood. Sitting a baby in front of a tablet or television, as well as less parent-child play time, are associated with developing greater autism spectrum disorder (ASD)-like symptoms later in childhood.

Does CoComelon cause behavioral issues?

“Cocomelon is so hyperstimulating that it actually acts as a drug, as a stimulant. The brain gets a hit of dopamine from screen-time and it seems that the stronger the 'drug' aka the level of stimulation a show delivers, the stronger the 'hit.

What do parents say about CoComelon?

Parents need to know that the CoComelon TV series is very similar to the wildly popular animated music videos CoComelon publishes on YouTube. The music videos are appropriate for the very youngest of viewers, and touch on typical preschool themes.

What age is appropriate for CoComelon?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against screen time for children under 18 months, except for video chatting and an hour max of high-quality programming for children two and older. But other parents are a little more lenient and may say, "I watched TV as a kid and turned out fine."

Why is it called CoComelon?

As the Independent reported, while CoComelon initially started out as "ABCkidTV," the creators eventually changed the name to CoComelon because they thought the name was more "universal and fun for children," and they were right.

What are the names of the CoComelon family?

Join all your favourite characters for a toe-tapping, fun-filled journey through the world of CoComelon.
  • JJ. JJ is the kid with a curl like an ice cream swirl and big warm smile! ...
  • YoYo. Always happy to help and brimming with courage! ...
  • TomTom. Big brother TomTom loves to fix and build things! ...
  • Bingo. ...
  • Dad. ...
  • Mom. ...
  • Ms Appleberry. ...
  • Cody.

Can CoComelon cause speech delay?

Article CoComelon Blamed For Toddlers' Delayed Speech And Tantrums. If you've had a child in the past few years, you'll know all about CoComelon, and just how popular it is with the toddler set. But there are some mums who claim this innocent kids' show is triggering tantrums and delaying speech in its target audience.

Who created Baby Shark?

'Baby Shark Dance' song features the voice of Korean-American singer Hope Segoine. The song created by South Korean company Pingfong was released on YouTube in June, 2016 and went viral across the globe.