Which colour passport is powerful in India?

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The colours for passports in India are orange, white, and maroon. Maroon passports are diplomatic/official passports that are issued by the government, while orange coloured passports are issued to ECR holders.

What are the 3 types of passports?

Passport Types

Regular passport (of maroon color) Special passport (green) Diplomatic passport (black) Service passport (grey)

Who can get white passport in India?

White Passport

These types of passports are issued to only Indian Government officials who are travelling outside the country for official purposes. These officers include those working at the IAS and Indian Police Service Department. Uses: Government officials use this passport for travelling abroad for official work.

Which passport color is best?

The red passport is the most popular in the world. The members of the European Union (except for Croatia) opted for bordeaux red in order to introduce “a common passport model for the countries of the European Union”. Note that the United Kingdom will regain its navy blue color from October 2019.

What is Indian red passport?

In India, the diplomatic passport is issued to individuals who have a diplomatic status in the country or who are travelling abroad on official duty for the Government of India. The diplomatic passport has a different cover which is deep red in color.

भारत में अलग अलग रंग के पासपोर्ट क्यों होते है? Types of passport every traveler in India

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What are the 2 types of passports?

In the United States, there are four types of passports that can be issued, and they are regular passports, official passports, diplomatic passports and passport cards.

How can I get Indian passport VIP?

Register yourself on the Passport Seva portal. Once you create an account, log in with your User ID and password. Select the “Apply for Diplomatic/ Official Passport” link. Fill in the form with relevant details like your name, family details etc.

What are the 4 colors of passports?

Maybe you have the most powerful passport in the world, or perhaps you carry the rarest. No matter the case, your passport will likely be one of four colors: blue, green, red, or black.

What colour is a UK passport?

Prior to the late 80s, British passports were blue in color, as they are now. However, since the blue passport inception in 1921, there have been a number of interesting variations on the blue color, but the British passport has never been black.

Which country passport is black?

Black Passport – The black passport

This color is the choice of Malawi, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago. Some African countries like Botswana, Zambia, Burundi, Gabon, Angola, Congo, Malawi and others have black passports.

Do IAS get red passport?

Do IAS officers get diplomatic passports? Ans. IAS officers usually are not issued diplomatic passports unless they are visiting a foreign country on diplomatic work. The maroon coloured diplomatic passport is issued to IAS officers only in the event they are posted out of the country to a diplomatic mission.

How many countries is visa free to India?

With visa free entry to 22 countries and visa on arrival facility to 41 countries India shares 60th rank in Global Passport Power Rank.

What is red passport?

China issues a red diplomatic passport to the government official traveling abroad. In this case, it is believed that red represents the communist government. But, China's public passport for the general population has a black cover.

What is Indian black passport?

An Indian citizen can use this passport for ordinary vacation or business travel.” Rather than trusting other sources, it's better to trust the official one. The conclusion is that the personal passport of Indians is blue colored. The fact is that the color is deep blue and hence, many people confuse it as black.

What is blue passport?

The blue passport book, alternately referred to as the Regular or Tourist passport, is the most commonly issued U.S. passport. Diplomatic - Black diplomatic passports are issued to Foreign Service Officers and other persons with diplomatic or comparable status.

What colour is Canada passport?

Regular Passport (navy blue cover) These documents are issued to citizens for occasional travel, such as vacations and business trips.

Which country has green passport?

For some countries, the choice of color relates to a predominant religion. Muslim countries including Morocco, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have green passports, which is connected to Islam: Green is considered to have been a favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad, who is said to have worn a green cloak and turban.

Do I need a blue passport?

Many have decided to renew in order to get the new blue passport, but this is not necessary. Your burgundy passport is still valid for travel until its listed expiry date.

Which passport is the strongest?

In 2022, the most powerful passport in the world in terms of travel freedom is the Japanese passport, according to the HPI. A passport issued by Japan allows the holder to enter 193 different countries and territories without having to get a visa in advance. Singapore and South Korea are tied for 2nd place.

What is the best passport to have?

The best passports to hold in July 2022 are:
  • Japan (193 destinations)
  • Singapore, South Korea (192 destinations)
  • Germany, Spain (190 destinations)
  • Finland, Italy, Luxembourg (189 destinations)
  • Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden (188 destinations)
  • France, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom (187 destinations)

What passport colours mean?

The colors of passports do not give any meaning to their strength. For example, both the US passport colors and Syria passport colors have a blue color. However, the Syrian passport is currently recognized as one of the weakest passports. There are many different factors to consider when choosing passport colors.

Who gets red Indian passport?

People with diplomatic status. Blood relations, spouses, and other relatives who are dependent on officers who fit under categories 1 and 2. Officials appointed by the Indian government to perform official duties overseas.

What is special passport?

A special passport is the type of passport issued to civil servants working on behalf of the state and their families for 5 years as long as they meet certain requirements. It is also called a green passport as it is green.

Is Indian passport black or blue?

(a) Regular Passport — this has a navy blue cover; it is issued to citizens for ordinary travel like vacations and business trips. (b) Diplomatic Passport — this has a maroon cover; it is issued to Indian diplomats, top-ranking government officials (joint secretary and above) and diplomatic couriers.