Who is the head of Kerala Police?

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Anil Kant

Anil Kant
Anil Kant is an Indian Police Service (I.P.S.) officer. He is the State Police Chief and Director General of Police (DGP) of the Kerala State Police. He was the former Road Safety Commissioner in Kerala.
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has taken over as the State Police Chief. Shri. Loknath Behera, the incumbent Chief handed over the reins of power to the new chief at a function held at the Police Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram.

Who is the new Kerala state police chief?

Anil Kant is an Indian Police Service (I.P.S.) officer. He is the State Police Chief and Director General of Police (DGP) of the Kerala State Police. He was the former Road Safety Commissioner in Kerala.

Who is the DGP of Kerala 2022?

Trivandrum (25.11. 2021): The Kerala government has decided to extend the tenure of State DGP Anil Kant (IPS: 1988: Kerala) till June 30, 2023 who was supposed to superannuate on January 31, 2022. With this directive, Kant will get a full two-year term as the state police chief.

Who is the head of all police in India?

In India, the Director General of Police (DGP) is the highest ranking police officer in an Indian State or Union Territory. DGP typically heads the state or UT police force, who in case, are also called State Police Chief.

Who is the assistant DGP of Kerala?

Manoj Abraham (born 3 June 1971) is the current Additional Director General of Police, Thiruvananthapuram Range. He has the additional charge of ADGP, State Crime Records Bureau and Nodal Officer of Kerala Police CyberDome.

പുതിയ പൊലീസ് മേധാവിയെ നാളെ അറിയാം, നിലവിൽ സാധ്യത അനിൽകാന്തിന് | Kerala Police Chief

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What is SPC Kerala?

The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project is a school-based initiative by Kerala Police, implemented jointly by the Departments of Home and Education, and supported by Departments of Transport, Forest, Excise and Local Self-Government.

How many police are there in Kerala?

The state also has a better police- population manpower of 1: 713 in the country, though not up to the desired international standards of 1:500. According to a recent report of the BPRD, Kerala has 49,437 police personnel as on January 1, 2015, which is 642 more than the sanctioned strength of 48,795.

Who is bigger DGP or IAS?

The first reason is that the DGP of the state is the more powerful police officer of the state, but he has to inform the Home Secretary who can be an IAS officer. Another reason is that all heads of central police, such as CBI, BSF, CRPF, report to IAS secretaries, who are often junior to IAS.

Who is higher than DGP?

The Commissioner of Police may be of the rank of Additional DGP, ADGP or IGP but can also be in the rank of DIGP.

Who is bigger DGP or commissioner?

All the States have a Director General of Police (DGP). Commissioner of Police is not a rank, but it is a posting. The senior most police officer in a commissionerate is the Commissioner of Police. Director General of Police is not a posting but the Highest Rank in the State Police Hierarchy.

Who is the SP of Kerala?

Official Website of Kerala Police- Shri. Anil kant IPS takes charge from Shri. Loknath Behera IPS as State Police Chief.

Who is higher IG or DGP?

If there are three stars on the vehicle, then that vehicle will belong to the DGP. If there are two stars in the car, then an officer of IG rank is sitting in that vehicle. At the same time, if only one star is installed, then a DIG rank officer could be sitting in it.

Who is the first DGP of Kerala Police?

The designation of the Head of Police department was changed to Director General of Police (D.G.P) in 1981. T. Anantha Sankara Iyer became the first D.G.P of Kerala.

What is the salary of Si in Kerala?

Police Sub Inspector salary in Kerala Police ranges between ₹ 5.4 Lakhs to ₹ 6.9 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Kerala Police.

How good is Kerala Police?

Kerala Police has a reputation for being one of the best-managed state police forces in the country and is one of the top-ranking states in terms of maintenance of law and order. Kerala Police is also one of the first Police departments in South Asia to implement community policing through an enactment.

What is grade Si in Kerala Police?

Head Constable (Grade), Assistant Sub Inspector of Police (Grade) and Sub Inspector of Police (Grade) are the personal rank of the persons so designated though they may be substantively Police Constables / Head Constables.

Is NCC or SPC better?

There is no point of comparison because both are equally important.

What is the slogan of SPC?

The SPC motto is “We learn to serve.” The feeling of togetherness implied by 'we' should be reinforced in students to enable them to shoulder the responsibility both of learning and social service.

Who founded SPC?

SPC was spawned at Bell Laboratories in 1920 by Walter A. Shewhart, the father of SPC, if you will. Well versed in the statistical theories of his day, Shewhart was able to detect differences in the sources of variation of a process.

Who is the present IG of Kerala?

He is a 1999 batch official of the Indian Police Service. He is the founder and chief architect of the Student Police Cadet Project, a youth development initiative. Presentl, Vijayan is the IG of Kerala Coastal Police, head quartered at Kochi.

Who is the best IPS officer of India?

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  • Mohan Chandh Sharma. M. C. ...
  • Hemant Karkare. ...
  • Ashok Kamte. ...
  • Vijay Salaskar. ...
  • Ajit Kumar Doval. ...
  • Shivdeep Waman Lanbe.